Exiled from the Tundra is the non-fiction account of the two years I lived and worked in the Canadian Arctic as a teacher in a remote Inuit community. The account, by turns harrowing and inspiring, details the challenges that I encountered in a classroom of 8 students aged 10-19 in a community reeling from the consequences of suicide and the dramatic changes that occurred since the time that they settled permanently and saw their culture and traditions eroded by modern technology and the school where I was teaching.

If you have interests in the Arctic, education or the social problems that affect aboriginals in Canada, please give this a read. If you have 17 minutes to spare rather than the chunk of time required for the book, my recent TEDx talk, “Redefining the Struggle to Survive” will give you a taste of how those two years impacted me. 

Over the last few years I have posted a few excerpts from the book on my blog so if you are interested in a sample of the tome please feel free to visit the blog for those excerpts about what happened when I asked the students what they wanted me to teach them, the time I spent alone on the tundra, one of the tougher challenges I faced, and my first day in the classroom.

The book is currently available via Amazon in Kindle format , Kobo and at Apple’s iTunes Store momentarily. The hard copy is available for direct print on demand order

or you can contact me and I can hand-deliver, sign, read and rewrite the book for you or if you are further away, I can mail it out to you.

If you have any questions on the book, feel free to email me or visit the Facebook page for the book.